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Make the most of the sights, sounds, and savings in “The Six”.

From fashion, a tasty appetizer, to the latest show, get awesome deals around town.

Check out this video to see how On the Move® helps you make the most of Life in the Six.

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On the Move Member Benefits.

Museums and galleries, food and entertainment, your favourite shops and awesome experiences at home or around the world. On the Move helps get you there and saves you money.

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On the Move to Sweet Deals.

Show your card for deals, rewards and discounts on food, fashion and fun all around town.

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On the Move Behind the Wheel.

Take as many trips as you want. Your membership hooks you up with car sharing savings.

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On the Move on Two Wheels.

Don’t let a flat tire or broken chain ruin the ride. On the Move gets you 24/7 bicycle roadside assistance with CAA Bike Assist. 

On the Move Trip Planner.

Check your route on the fly. Get the best walking, cycling, driving or transit route.

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